Strategic Goals

  • Help meet the country’s needs that arise and take the opportunities;
  • Spread by geographic region in which the country is inserted, Social Economy projects, focusing on the development, increased employment and training of people to create sustained wealth;
  • Build a new center that welcomes the bodies of many more sectors that wish to join and carry out their normal economic activities in accordance with the Regulation and benefits given to reflection on the social economy, sustainable and cost-effective;
  • Include every Timorese family as a participant or shareholder in the development process;
  • Host a financial system to fund and direct resources to profitable projects with reflection on the social economy, leveraging its scope and dimension;
  • Create a model of Innovative Management to guarantee a public-private partnership, ethical and transparent;
  • Developing internally entities that aim to be developers and multiply contacts, create networks, making vendors approach buyers, make intermediation and create business.

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