The Power Station

  • The Noefefan bridge in Tono
    The Noefefan bridge in Tono
    With a length of 380m and modern features, that bridge, after its completion, will link Pante Makassar to Citrana and Passabe and from then on towards the western border.
  • The Power Station
    The Power Station
    With 20 MW production capacity, currently lies under construction but will soon act as a central support and resource. The main source will be from the national power station in Hera using the transmission lines to the border and it will use indonesian transmission lines from there to Oé-Cusse.
  • The Ferry Boat
    The Ferry Boat
    A boat of passengers and goods, currently under construction, will facilitate the links between Oé-Cusse and Dili.
  • The International Airport of Oé-Cusse
    The International Airport of Oé-Cusse
    Sized to receive medium aircraft (Boeing 737, Boeing Business Jet or Airbus’s A320), and will have a landing field with a length of 2.5 km, with the prevision for an extension up to 3 km, allowing the landing of any larger size aircraft. (Project subject to change)
  • Tourism and Cultural Information Centre
    Tourism and Cultural Information Centre
    The construction of the center along the seafront will include the restoration of the old portugueses colonial building of the District of Oé-Cusse and the construction of a cultural center that will include a library, an area for cultural events and a park with natural lake.
  • The Lifau Monument
    The Lifau Monument
    Monument for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Portuguese navigators and missionaries in Lifau – Oé-Cusse, a fact that marks the beginning of construction of the new identity of Timor Leste. This monument will be one of tourist attraction points of cultural and historical nature.
  • Vila ZEESM TL
    Vila ZEESM TL
    Residential complex that includes two main residences, being one for the Chairman of the Authority of RAEOA and the other for guests, plus ten residences of the T1 type, 1 bedroom, entertainment area and room exercises, complete accommodation for 10 security officers, accommodation for a housekeeper and a cook and parking for twenty cars.
  • The Administrative Building of RAEOA
    The Administrative Building of RAEOA
    The building that will house all administrative departments of the Special Administrative Region of Oé-Cusse Ambeno. It will be a high quality construction to accommodate the work teams, with good accessibility and environmental responsibility.
  • The Hotel of ZEESM TL
    The Hotel of ZEESM TL
    Will include 50 executive rooms, 6 presidential suites, catering area, conference room for 250 people, meeting rooms, recreation area and has free area for future expansion.
  • Redevelopment of the Maritime Front
    Redevelopment of the Maritime Front
    A project which includes the reconstruction of the Garden of Our Lady and Recreation Area and will offer the public a fresh and pleasant seafront. This sea marginal site has a HotSpot area (free wifi), rest areas, Parking and Recreation Area.

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